Skin Loving Ingredients

Some of the skin loving ingredients that are used to craft our products...


This natural raw material is sourced from honey combs which are made by honey bees!!! Its helps to fight against acne and boosting glowing skin due to its antibacterial & anti-septic properties. Used in a variety of our products.



Excellent choice for the removal of impurities from the skin.  Works well with all skin types and helps to control oil deposits on the face by gently exfoliating during each use.  Base ingredient in our Charcoal Soaps and Charcoal Facial Scrubs. 


Coconut & Ginger!!!

Coconut oil is one of the base ingredients used in our products especially in soap recipes as this ingredient allows soap to produce a rich creamy lather.  We can't forget to mention the properties of ginger which along with coconut oil helps to cleanse and revitalize skin. 



Excellent soothing additive which is used in our soaps and body scrubs. 



A seasonal favorite ingredient for some of our soap products.  Rick in Vitamin B and a number of fatty acids which promote healthy skin.  Checkout our Seasonal Products section for more details.


Shea Butter!!!

Used to nourish, condition and sooth all skin types, this raw material van be viewed as the ultimate moisturizer!!! Used in a variety of our products.